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The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) supports the services in charge of the protection of forests against fires in the EU countries and provides the European Commission services and the European Parliament with updated and reliable information on wildland fires in Europe.

A number of specific applications are available through EFFIS:

Since 1998, EFFIS is supported by a network of experts from the countries in what is called the Expert Group on Forest Fires, which is registered under the Secretariat General of the European Commission.  Currently, this group consists on experts from 40 countries in European, Middle East and North African countries. In 2015, EFFIS became one of the components of the Emergency Management Services in the EU Copernicus program. 

The link to some of the most widely used applications is provided below. Additional applications such as the extension of EFFIS to the global level into a Global Wilfire Information System (GWIS) are available through the side "Applications" box.


Current Situation

The most up to date information on the current fire season in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. This includes today meteorological fire danger maps and forecast up to 6 days, daily updated maps of hot spots and fire perimeters.


Fire News

A selection of news from the press on wildland fires in Europe updated daily by the EFFIS team. News can be browsed for specific countries selected by the user from the news map.

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