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Adami, Argolis, Greece Started on: 01/08/2017

Agnos, Heraklion, Greece Started on: 15/08/2017

Ahnif, Algeria Started on: 02/08/2017

Alanno/Pietranico, Italy Started on: 12/08/2017

Albarrol, Miranda do Corvo, Portugal Started on: 06/08/2017

Alcongosta, Fundão, Portugal Started on: 15/08/2017

Aldeia do Mato, Abrantes, Portugal Started on: 09/08/2017

Alimini, Otranto, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Alvaiázere, Portugal Started on: 13/08/2017

Appietto, France Started on: 02/08/2017

Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal Started on: 12/08/2017

Austis/Neoneli, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Avane, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Barcouço, Mealhada, Portugal Started on: 10/08/2017

Bauladu, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Beaucaire, France Started on: 09/08/2017

Belvì, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Started on: 06/08/2017

Boboshevo, Bulgaria Started on: 07/08/2017

Bogatići, Croatia Started on: 06/08/2017

Bracciano, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Brač, Croatia Started on: 09/08/2017

Brod, Macedonia Started on: 01/08/2017

Calenzana, France Started on: 06/08/2017

Camaiore, Italy Started on: 15/08/2017

Camaldoli, Italy Started on: 11/08/2017

Campo Imperatore, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Cancelli/Campodiegoli, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Cap Corse, France Started on: 10/08/2017

Capaci, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Capena, Italy Started on: 04/08/2017

Capo d'Orlando, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Capo d'Orlando, Italy Started on: 15/08/2017

Caprese Michelangelo, Italy Started on: 04/08/2017

Caramanico Terme, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Cardà, Francavilla, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Carmignano,, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Carro, La Spezia, Italy Started on: 05/08/2017

Casaboli, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Casais Robustos, Alcanena, Portugal Started on: 09/08/2017

Castellammare del Golfo, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Castellammare di Stabia, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Castelo Branco, Portugal Started on: 12/08/2017

Castelo de Paiva, Portugal Started on: 03/08/2017

Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Castiglione Messer Marino, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Castrocielo, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Catujal, Loures, Portugal Started on: 08/08/2017

Cava de' Tirreni, Italy Started on: 10/08/2017

Chiaromonte, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Chusclan, France Started on: 12/08/2017

Coimbra, Portugal Started on: 12/08/2017

Colle San Bartolo, Pesaro Urbino, Italy Started on: 05/08/2017

Colledara, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Collelongo, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Conero, Italy Started on: 15/08/2017

Contrada San Basilio, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Corleone, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Cosenza, Italy Started on: 01/08/2017

Cottanello, Italy Started on: 16/08/2017

Couto, Vila Real, Portugal Started on: 09/08/2017

Difesa Grande, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Divača, Sežana, Slovenia Started on: 04/08/2017

Donji Rujani, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 01/08/2017

Dörtyol, Hatay, Turkey Started on: 07/08/2017

Düziçi, Osmaniye, Turkey Started on: 09/08/2017

Elaia Gortynia, Greece Started on: 09/08/2017

Enna, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Erymanthos, Greece Started on: 14/08/2017

Erzurum, Turkey Started on: 06/08/2017

Escalaplano, Sardinia, Italy Started on: 12/08/2017

Faicchio, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Faleria, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Fanano, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Farsala, Greece Started on: 10/08/2017

Fauglia, Pisa, Italy Started on: 12/08/2017

Ferreira do Zêzere, Portugal Started on: 12/08/2017

Folgosa, Portugal Started on: 11/08/2017

Fonte Vetica, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Fragkavilas, Amaliada, Greece Started on: 01/08/2017

Glavatičevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 10/08/2017

Gordes, Luberon, France Started on: 13/08/2017

Goč, Serbia Started on: 12/08/2017

Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Gračac, Croatia Started on: 05/08/2017

Grândola, Portugal Started on: 10/08/2017

Guadalajara, Spain Started on: 09/08/2017

Guidonia, Italy Started on: 01/08/2017

Hasanlar, Milas, Turkey Started on: 15/08/2017

Hromovka, Ukraine Started on: 07/08/2017

Ischia, Italy Started on: 04/08/2017

Istres, France Started on: 01/08/2017

Itala/Scaletta Zanclea, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Izvorishte, Bulgaria Started on: 02/08/2017

Jaen, Spain Started on: 04/08/2017

Kahta, Adıyaman, Turkey Started on: 10/08/2017

Kalamaki, Zakynthos, Greece Started on: 13/08/2017

Kalamos, Greece Started on: 13/08/2017

Kalfas Achaea, Greece Started on: 10/08/2017

Kamena Vourla, Greece Started on: 12/08/2017

Kamešnica/Sinj, Croatia Started on: 09/08/2017

Kanaláki, Parga, Greece Started on: 08/08/2017

Kapandriti, Greece Started on: 13/08/2017

Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey Started on: 08/08/2017

Kastania, Messenia, Greece Started on: 07/08/2017

Katastari, Zakynthos, Greece Started on: 11/08/2017

Kazdağları, Turkey Started on: 09/08/2017

Kesariani, Greece Started on: 10/08/2017

Kiliomenos, Zakynthos, Greece Started on: 12/08/2017

Kistanja/Krka National Park, Croatia Started on: 01/08/2017

Klis, Croatia Started on: 09/08/2017

Knossos, Greece Started on: 02/08/2017

Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 09/08/2017

Koshava, Vidin, Bulgaria Started on: 07/08/2017

Koumanis, Greece Started on: 04/08/2017

Kryoneri, Greece Started on: 14/08/2017

Kumbağ, Turkey Started on: 06/08/2017

Kythera, Greece Started on: 04/08/2017

Lagaccio, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Lagonissi, Anavyssos, Greece Started on: 03/08/2017

Lamezia Terme, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Leporano, Italy Started on: 12/08/2017

Lesbos, Greece Started on: 03/08/2017

Ljubuški, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 02/08/2017

Llogara National Park, Albania Started on: 03/08/2017

Loretto de Tallano, France Started on: 15/08/2017

Louriçal do Campo, Portugal Started on: 13/08/2017

Lovćen, Montenegro Started on: 15/08/2017

Lucéram, France Started on: 13/08/2017

Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal Started on: 15/08/2017

Magnanella, Italy Started on: 15/08/2017

Maiori, Italy Started on: 15/08/2017

Mali Drenovets, Bulgaria Started on: 03/08/2017

Manso, Balagne, France Started on: 10/08/2017

Maries, Zakynthos, Greece Started on: 09/08/2017

Massarosa, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Mattinata, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Mazaraki, Greece Started on: 10/08/2017

Mação, Portugal Started on: 15/08/2017

Minervino Murge, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Mitrovica, Kosovo Started on: 10/08/2017

Monghidoro, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Monte Arioso, Pignola, Italy Started on: 14/08/2017

Monte Catillo, Tivoli, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Monte Faito, Italy Started on: 15/08/2017

Monte Leano, Italy Started on: 14/08/2017

Monte Monna, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Montecodruzzo, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Mrkonjić Grad, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 08/08/2017

Muzinë, Albania Started on: 10/08/2017

Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece Started on: 09/08/2017

National Park Una, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 05/08/2017

Neum, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 06/08/2017

Nonza, France Started on: 11/08/2017

Norma, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Nuglašica, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 05/08/2017

Oltu, Erzurum, Turkey Started on: 06/08/2017

Ouled Brahim/Bouchrahil, Algeria Started on: 02/08/2017

Oura, Chaves, Portugal Started on: 01/08/2017

Palagianello, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Palampas, Greece Started on: 11/08/2017

Palea Kavala, Greece Started on: 12/08/2017

Palneca, Corsica, France Started on: 02/08/2017

Parada do Pinhão, Sabrosa, Portugal Started on: 13/08/2017

Passoscuro, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Perković, Croatia Started on: 06/08/2017

Pertuis, France Started on: 11/08/2017

Piano Maggiore, Valle Castellana, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Piazza Armerina/Aidone/Valguarnera, Italy Started on: 04/08/2017

Pietracatella, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Pietracorbara, France Started on: 11/08/2017

Piraino, Italy Started on: 09/08/2017

Plavno, Sibenik, Croatia Started on: 09/08/2017

Pollino National Park, Italy Started on: 01/08/2017

Pomarance, Pisa, Italy Started on: 01/08/2017

Port-de-Bouc, France Started on: 10/08/2017

Porta Spada, Erice, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Porto Rotondo, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Porto de Mós, Portugal Started on: 15/08/2017

Portunhos, Cantanhede, Portugal Started on: 11/08/2017

Prades, France Started on: 15/08/2017

Preveza, Greece Started on: 10/08/2017

Prilep, Macedonia Started on: 09/08/2017

Prokletia National Park, Montenegro Started on: 03/08/2017

Radicondoli, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Radulovtsi, Bulgaria Started on: 06/08/2017

Ravello, Italy Started on: 10/08/2017

Recanati, Italy Started on: 14/08/2017

Ribeira de Pena, Portugal Started on: 15/08/2017

Rigaud, France Started on: 03/08/2017

Rocca D'Arce, Italy Started on: 11/08/2017

Rocca San Zenone, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Roccamandolfi, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Roccella/Placanica, Italy Started on: 14/08/2017

Roncofreddo, Cesena, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Rose, Cosenza, Italy Started on: 05/08/2017

Rosoman/Zlatusha, Bulgaria Started on: 12/08/2017

Rotello, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Rougon, France Started on: 11/08/2017

Rovinj, Croatia Started on: 06/08/2017

Sadali, Sardinia, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Saint-Cézaire-sur-Ciagne, France Started on: 01/08/2017

Saint-Géraud-de-Corps, France Started on: 15/08/2017

Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens, Hérault, France Started on: 09/08/2017

San Giovanni Incarico, Italy Started on: 11/08/2017

San Giovanni Incarico, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy Started on: 11/08/2017

San Martino dei Colli, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

San Ruffino, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

San Salvatore di Fitalia, Italy Started on: 12/08/2017

Santu Lussurgiu, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Santulussurgiu, Italy Started on: 10/08/2017

Sardoal, Portugal Started on: 04/08/2017

Sarule, Nuoro, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Sermoneta, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Serravalle, Asti, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Sesimbra, Portugal Started on: 06/08/2017

Sesta Godano, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Sicignano degli Alburni, Italy Started on: 10/08/2017

Siirt, Turkey Started on: 13/08/2017

Sila Greca, Italy Started on: 01/08/2017

Siliana, Tunisia Started on: 08/08/2017

Sivas, Turkey Started on: 09/08/2017

Slavotin, Bulgaria Started on: 06/08/2017

Slivnica, Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 01/08/2017

Solanas, Cagliari, Italy Started on: 11/08/2017

Solfatara, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Solignano, Italy Started on: 10/08/2017

Solin, Croatia Started on: 09/08/2017

Sora, Italy Started on: 06/08/2017

Sorgono, Italy Started on: 12/08/2017

Soulinari, Messenia, Greece Started on: 30/07/2017

Spéracèdes, France Started on: 01/08/2017

Subiaco /Affile, Italy Started on: 07/08/2017

Svilaj, Croatia Started on: 14/08/2017

Tekirdağ, Turkey Started on: 10/08/2017

Thassos, Greece Started on: 06/08/2017

Tirana, Albania Started on: 03/08/2017

Tiriolo, Catanzaro, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Tivat, Montenegro Started on: 07/08/2017

Tomar, Portugal Started on: 12/08/2017

Torre Salsa, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Torre San Severo, Orvieto,, Italy Started on: 08/08/2017

Torres de Moncorvo, Portugal Started on: 12/08/2017

Trafaria, Portugal Started on: 06/08/2017

Trofa, Porto, Portugal Started on: 06/08/2017

Tunceli, Turkey Started on: 12/08/2017

Unhais da Serra, Covilhã, Portugal Started on: 10/08/2017

Vagos, Aveiro, Portugal Started on: 09/08/2017

Valdalbero/Lama Mocogno, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Valle Castellana, Italy Started on: 13/08/2017

Venéjan, France Started on: 01/08/2017

Veroli, Italy Started on: 02/08/2017

Verín, Ourense, Spain Started on: 04/08/2017

Vetren, Bulgaria Started on: 06/08/2017

Vezzano Ligure, Italy Started on: 14/08/2017

Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal Started on: 02/08/2017

Villasalto, Italy Started on: 03/08/2017

Vinovo, Croatia Started on: 10/08/2017

Volimes, Zakynthos, Greece Started on: 12/08/2017

Vourkari, Kea, Greece Started on: 09/08/2017

Vrontero, Prespes, Greece Started on: 10/08/2017

Várzea Candosa, Tábua, Portugal Started on: 08/08/2017

Yambol, Bulgaria Started on: 15/08/2017

Yayladağı, Syria Started on: 08/08/2017

Zaton Obrovački, Croatia Started on: 14/08/2017

Zelia Fthiotida, Greece Started on: 09/08/2017

Água Formosa, Portugal Started on: 15/08/2017

Éguilles, France Started on: 01/08/2017

Šestanovac, Croatia Started on: 16/08/2017

Škabrnja, Croatia Started on: 12/08/2017

Žakovo /Tulje, Bosnia & Herzegovina Started on: 09/08/2017

Živogošće, Croatia Started on: 07/08/2017

​​Achladini, Ilia, Greece Started on: 07/08/2017

V trku eden ranjen; pomoč z defibrilatorjem

Sinoči ob 22.14 uri sta pri naselju Arto, občina Sevnica, trčili osebni vozili, pri čemer se je poškodovala oseba. Gasilci PGD Sevnica so zavarovali kraj dogodka, nudili pomoč poškodovanemu do prihoda reševalcev, odklopili akumulatorja na vozilih, posipali cestišče, vozilo odstranili iz cestišča ter nudili pomoč reševalcem in avto vleki.

Germany Germany, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:36 a.m. | | SL.NJ - Forest Fire (SEC) | id: 567406
Incendi: pesanti sanzioni per chi li provoca - Levante News

Levante NewsIncendi: pesanti sanzioni per chi li provocaLevante NewsProsegue lo stato di grave pericolosità decretato dalla Regione Liguria per quanto riguarda gli incendi boschivi. La prolungata siccità crea condizioni per sviluppare gli incendi in tempi brevissimi. Ricordiamo che è vietato accendere fuochi, gettare ...altro »

Aug. 17, 2017, 6:34 a.m. | | ITN - incendi forestali (OTH) | id: 567404
Moški z zlomljeno nogo dve noči preživel v gozdu, našli so ga svojci

V soboto se je v gozdu pri Kamniku na težko dostopnem terenu poškodoval pohodnik. Imel je zlomljeno nogo, pri sebi pa ni imel mobilnega telefona. V gozdu je prestal dve noči, nato so ga našli svojci in o tem obvestili Gorsko reševalno službo Kamnik. Gorski reevalci so pred dnevi s težko dostopnega....

United States United States, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:30 a.m. | | SL.NJ - Forest Fire (SEC) | id: 567407
Втори ден продължава битката с пожар в югоизточна България

Борбата с пожара край селата Присадец и Маточина в югоизточна България продължава втори ден. По разпореждане на министъра на отбраната 35 военнослужещи са се включили в гасенето на пожара. Опасност за селата и бедстващи хора няма. Ситуацията край село Маточина остава сложна пожарът е тръгнал в сряда....

Bulgaria Bulgaria, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:27 a.m. | | BG.NJ - Forest Fire (TOP) | id: 567402
Ολονύχτια μάχη με τις φλόγες στην Κεφαλονιά - Στις αυλές των ... - Ant1iwo

Ant1iwoΟλονύχτια μάχη με τις φλόγες στην Κεφαλονιά - Στις αυλές των ...Ant1iwoΆλλη μία εφιαλτική νύχτα πέρασε η Κεφαλονιά από δύο μεγάλα μέτωπα φωτιάς, τα οποία εκδηλώθηκαν νωρίς χθες το βράδυ. Η πυρκαγιά αυτή την ώρα καίει δασική έκταση, σε δύσβατο σημείο στους πρόποδες του Αίνου και αντιμετωπίζεται από ισχυρές επίγειες ...και ακόμα περισσότερα »

Cyprus Cyprus, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:26 a.m. | | GR.ND - large fire (μεγάλη πυρκαγιά) (TOP) | id: 567403
Μαίνεται η φωτιά που έχει ξεσπάσει στο νησί της Κεφαλονιάς - Liberal

LiberalΜαίνεται η φωτιά που έχει ξεσπάσει στο νησί της ΚεφαλονιάςLiberalΣε εφαρμογή τέθηκε τα μεσάνυχτα το σχέδιο εκκένωσης των χωριών Λουρδάτα και Σιμωτάτα στην Κεφαλονιά, από τις τοπικές αρχές, καθώς η μεγάλη πυρκαγιά που μαίνεται κοντά στα δύο χωριά έφτασε μέχρι τις αυλές των πρώτων σπιτιών. Τα ξημερώματα της ...και ακόμα περισσότερα »

Italy Italy, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:19 a.m. | | GR.ND - large fire (μεγάλη πυρκαγιά) (TOP) | id: 567396
Μεγάλη φωτιά στην Κεφαλονιά: Οι πυροσβέστες έσωσαν τα σπίτια - Θεσσαλία TV

Θεσσαλία TVΜεγάλη φωτιά στην Κεφαλονιά: Οι πυροσβέστες έσωσαν τα σπίτιαΘεσσαλία TVΚαλύτερη είναι το πρωί της Πέμπτης η εικόνα της μεγάλης πυρκαγιάς που απείλησε δύο χωριά της Κεφαλονιάς το προηγούμενο βράδυ. Η ισχυρή παρουσία της Πυροσβεστικής απέτρεψε τα χειρότερα για τα χωριά Σιμωτάτα και Λουρδάτα, στα νοτιοανατολικά του ...και ακόμα περισσότερα »

Greece Greece, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:19 a.m. | | GR.ND - large fire (μεγάλη πυρκαγιά) (TOP) | id: 567395
Se reactiva incendio forestal en Susudel - El Tiempo Ecuador

El Tiempo EcuadorSe reactiva incendio forestal en SusudelEl Tiempo EcuadorFrente a la amenaza de que los incendios continúen, el Comité de Operaciones Emergentes del cantón Oña se declaró en sesión permanente para coordinar el apoyo de otras instituciones, en caso de que las quemas rebasen la capacidad operativa de los ...Un incendio forestal genera alarma en vía Cuenca-LojaEl Telégrafolos 2 artículos informativos »

Aug. 17, 2017, 6:18 a.m. | | incendio forestal: Google Noticias (SEC) | id: 567401
Otvaranje Ferhadije najvažniji vjerski događaj u BiH

VAŠINGTON - Stejt department je u godišnjem izvještaju o vjerskim slobodama u svijetu, kada je riječ o Bosni i Hercegovini, tokom protekle godine, kao najvažniji vjerski događaj naveo svečanost otvaranja obnovljene džamije Ferhadija u Banjaluci, porušene u ratu.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:15 a.m. | | HR.NJ - Fire (požara) (TOP) | id: 567399
Σε ύφεση η μεγάλη πυρκαγιά στην Κεφαλονιά - Οι πυροσβέστες ... - Athens Magazine (Ιστολόγιο)

Athens Magazine (Ιστολόγιο)Σε ύφεση η μεγάλη πυρκαγιά στην Κεφαλονιά - Οι πυροσβέστες ...Athens Magazine (Ιστολόγιο)Ωστόσο, η ισχυρή παρουσία της Πυροσβεστικής απέτρεψε τα χειρότερα και τελικά οι πυροσβέστες κατάφεραν να απομακρύνουν τη φωτιά από τις κατοικίες χωρίς να προκληθούν ζημιές. Σύμφωνα πάντως με πληροφορίες σε μερικές περιπτώσεις η πύρινη ...και ακόμα περισσότερα »

United Kingdom United Kingdom, Aug. 17, 2017, 6:11 a.m. | | GR.ND - large fire (μεγάλη πυρκαγιά) (TOP) | id: 567397